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Transfer Request for Completed

Dear Customer,

Congratulations, your domain name has been successfully transferred and renewed! Please read through this mail and store it for future reference, since it contains important information on managing

Domain Name Details

Order ID: 85944939
Domain Name:
Invoice Total: USD 28.79
Expiry Date: Sat Mar 07 17:30:01 GMT 2020

Managing your Domain name

You can Manage your domain name (modify the Nameservers or contact information) by logging into your Customer Control Panel. Please follow the steps below to Manage your Domain Name.

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Login with your username and password

Whois Lookup

You can verify that your domain name is indeed transferred and renewed by checking the Whois Lookup, which will show you the domain details and expiry dates. Click on the link below to do a whois lookup on your domain name

For any support with respect to your relationship with us you can always contact us directly using the following Information.

Technical Support:
Email Address:

Sales Contact:
Email Address:
Tel No.: +62.085769223000

Billing Contact:
Email Address:
Tel No.: +62.085769223000

Privacy Policy
Sales@BANANA Leaf Cafe
Tel: +62.085769223000

Privacy Policy

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