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URGENT: expired and has been DELETED

Your domain has expired on 1 Feb, 2019 and has been deleted from your account. You cannot renew it now. However, you still have one last chance to get your domain name back, by using the redemption process (details are given below). If you want to restore your domain name, then you are required to complete the redemption process within the next 30 days, else you may lose this domain name forever.

Order Details
Order ID: 80397451
Domain Name:
Expiry Date: 1 Feb, 2019
Restore Cost Price: USD 253.19

Procedure for Redeeming your Domain Name

1. Click on the below link:

2. Login with your username and password

In the Domain Name detailed view, click on the Restore Button. You can then move ahead with Redeeming the Domain Name, by paying for the Invoice so generated. Kindly note that Redemption of Domain Name is a lengthy process and hence it would take 5 working days to complete the process after the invoice has been paid.

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