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Wantok Nius

Why do I want to have another blog entitled "Wantok Nius"?

The main purpose of setting up this domain is to maintain our Melanesian identity as a people, so that this identity does not extinct from this planet Earth due to our ignorance.

Melanesian Archipelago in the South Pacific is socio-culturally surrounded by various human society:
  1. Micronesia
  2. Polynesia
  3. Austronesian 
  4. Indo-Malay (Inodnesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunai)
  5. Asia (Japan, China, Thailand, ...)
  6. European (New Zealand and Australia)
Being among many races, we are in a threat of extinction, not just due to systematic and massively fully funded social engineering project that is happening in West Papua, but also due to 
  1. Our ignorance of what is happening to ourselves, our society, our region and our race, and even what we ourselves are doing;
  2. What others are doing to us both deliberately and Melanesians being minority among many popular culures
I want all Melanesians from West Papua to Fiji to make friends, build relations, and marry man and women from our own race, in order to leave our islands to our future Melanesian generations.

Yumi Wantok atau is a domain name that I believe will draw all wantoks from across Melanesian archipelago to communicate to reach other, so that we can past on our Melanesian inheritance to our future generations and we will rest in peace with assurance and pride.

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